Sales Force Management

The sales force is, with the services of the commercial administration, one of the major components of the commercial team of an organization, the main role of a sales force is to develop the turnover and / or profitability of the company that employs it, as well as its market share.

It is responsible for commercial action with prospects and customers with whom she is in direct contact. We often distinguish:

  • sedentary sales force (or indoor) including sedentary sellers (salesmen in stores or remaining in the premises of the company – cases of intellectual services)
  • itinerant sales force (or outdoor) composed of staff traveling on the ground (representatives …)

We help you manage your sales force by:

  • Detecting of potential customers and prospecting
  • Sale and negotiation
  • Follow-up and loyalty of the customer base (acquired customers)
  • Support (advisory role to distributors and / or users of products / services)
  • Information (downward and upward flow of necessary and sufficient information)
  • Profitability (control and if necessary intervention for the preservation and if possible the improvement of the commercial margins).

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