Growth Strategy

Business growth strategies are the single most important set of strategies to develop and maintain growth in your company.

Whether you are a small business executive, a management member in a large company or entrepreneur, the “growth” of the company is one of your many preoccupations, in fact, a company has to grow in order to stay, the lack of growth reflects the impossibility for the company to innovate and its inability to increase its client portfolio, which leads to irreversible irrigation.

We help you seize the opportunities for growth available to you by developing a strategy for the long run, and we categorize the growth types based on the type of your business and your typical market as follows:

  • “Reach” Growth: the company is growing because the market on which it is located is experiencing strong growth. She is like a cork washed away by the current! Companies in the Chinese market are experiencing strong growth;
  • “Intensive” growth: the company is growing faster than its competitors, increasing its market share in its industry;
  • “Extensive” growth: the company grows by penetrating new markets by setting up in new countries or by launching new products.

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